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Atuman Li1 Laser Line Projector Angle Measuring Tools Usb C Charging For Home - (840594 - 840600)

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840594 - 840600

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LI1 laser projection line angle meter
Real-time angle laser projection line two-in-one
High-precision measurement double-sided HD LED screen | Aluminum alloy frosted body

Bright slim LD red light projection line clearly visible
Select bright LD red laser source, low energy consumption, horizontal and vertical simultaneous measurement, multiple strong light points are clearly focused, strong penetration, and the distance is still clear.

Ultra-wide double-sided LED screen without fear of dim environment
The screen adopts ultra-wide double-sided LED color screen with high definition and smooth smooth surface, which is born for hand feeling, without fear of harsh environment such as dust and dim. Measure speed per second responses, display data in real time, and operate quickly

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