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Kids Toy Robot Mini Voice Control AT Intelligent Interactive Device - Blue

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AT001 BL


1.Voice Control

2.Rich Content

3.Touch Sensitive

4.Human Computer Interaction

5.Audio Playback

Product code-3941

1. Voice control mode: there are 10 commands in total, and the robot makes different actions and sounds according to the instructions, including forward, backward, left, right, turning in a circle, shaking, singing and dancing
2. Touch-sensing mode: the robot has three touch points, which are respectively the left and right sides of the head and the top;
Gently touch the left and right touch points to control the robot's forward and backward turn left and right, and long press to adjust the volume.At the top of the touch point touch your robot will do different actions and different sounds
3. Voice repeat mode: Long press the touch point at the top of the robot to enter voice repeat mode, and the robot will repeat every sentence you say
4. Voice message mode: Long press the button on the front of the robot to record three voice messages, each of which is 8 seconds long
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Colors Blue
Devices Kids
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