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Cordless High Pressure Car Washing Artifact Automatic Spray Powerful Water Pump Tool Set - (992316)

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- Flexible to use and easy to clean.
- Lithium ion battery, simple control.
- Light and convenient, long battery life.
- Humanized and comfortable handle, easy to hold for a long time.
- You can clean anywhere there is water, including using buckets, bottles, streams or swimming pools.
Stainless steel fine screen, high efficiency deep filter, deep double filter for impurities in water, long service life of pump protection.
Safety Warning:
Battery pack safety warning
(1) Do not remove, open or cut the battery pack.
(2) Do not short circuit the battery string. Do not put the battery in the box or drawer at will to avoid short circuit between batteries or by other metal objects.
(3) Do not expose the battery to a heat source or flame. Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
(4) Do not take out the battery or battery from the original package before use.
(5) It is prohibited to use mechanical shock to organize batteries.

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