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Asli SoundBuds+ True Wireless Stereo Headset - (EM98)

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Product Code - 4585


1. Bluetooth 5.3; Chip: JL AC6973
2. Battery capacity: 300mAh in charging chamber; Headset 30mAh
3. Service time: 4 hours; Standby time: 150 hours
4. Size: 60.6 * 45.2 * 21.7mm; Weight: 64.5g
5. It supports iPhone open pop-up window, user-defined function, charging box/left and right earphones three true power display, headset positioning function, magnetic wireless charging function, sliding volume adjustment, charging compartment with prompt tone, and lanyard
6. In ear detection is not supported, and the charging chamber has no positioning function or pickup function. Wireless charging of watches is not supported

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