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Aqara Curtain Motor Bundle with Wireless Switch (Double Rocker) & Hub M1S

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Description :

Wireless Switch (Double Rocker)

Multiple ways to automate your life

No Wiring Required | Customizable Button Control | 2 Years Battery Life

Smart Control in Apple Home App

Add the Aqara Wireless Remote Switch to the Aqara Hub and it works

with other HomeKit-enabled accessories in Apple Home app.

Aqara Home Automation

You can customize different scenes with our suite of smart home products.

Start Your Relaxing Morning
with a Single Press

When you wake up in the morning,
press the wireless remote switch to open
your curtains automatically and turn on
the coffee maker via the smart plug.

High Quality Assurance

Supports up to 50,000 presses. Adopts V-0 grade flame-retardant PC panel
that allows for high temperature resistance.

Curtain Motor

Aqara Smart Electric Curtain Motor is a special innovative device with which you can control curtains in the room. The device can be powered by either the battery or the mains. During operation, a remote control is used. There is also a voice control mode.
The product can be paired with mobile applications, and customized as needed. The device operates in automatic mode. This is practicality, convenience combined with a stylish design.

Resistance and stop function Light touch start function

Poweroff-manual function

Remote control

Time switch

Multiple connection: Can be connected to other Xiaomi smart devices

Wireless connection: ZigBee, 2.4GHz

Operating voltage: 100 - 240V / 50Hz

Maximum load: 16A / 3500W Working

temperature: -10 - 50 Deg.C


Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 version is a Zigbee 3.0 hub for a smart home.

  • Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 supports Zigbee 3.0, WiFi 2.4 GHz, Apple HomeKit
  • Devices added to the Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 can be controlled by voice via Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri
  • Up to 128 devices can be connected thanks to Zigbee 3.0
  • Loud speaker / siren
  • RGB (Night) light
  • Illumination sensor
  • Dual-core CPU

Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 EU Version - Smart Home Center | Security | Voice Control Enabled | App Control
Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 is a smart home control center, which connects Zigbee devices to Wi-Fi networks. At the same time, it can manage and control smart scenes, and can conveniently control smart devices, such as plug, switch, bulb, curtain and so on.

Zigbee 3.0 support, up to 128 devices*: Supports all the latest Aqara devices based on the fastest, most stable, and energy-efficient technology.
Built-in Speaker: A powerful 2-watt speaker can be used as an alarm or doorbell as well as via configurable automations.
RGB Light and Illumination Sensor: Apart from being a Zigbee 3.0 smart home hub, the M1S Gen 2 has a built-in RGB light made of 18 powerful LEDs and a diffuser. It can be used as an alarm, accent, or night light and has a configurable brightness and color. Moreover, compared to our previous hubs, it has a fully functional illumination sensor that can be used in automations via the Aqara Home app.
All-Round Compatibility: Use your favorite voice assistant** or smart home ecosystem together with Aqara Home app automations.
Enhanced Wi-Fi Connectivity: The Aqara Hub M1S Gen 2 has a more powerful 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi antenna, which makes the connection faster and more reliable.
Focus on Security: Apart from Aqara Alert System, the M1S Gen 2 supports all 4 HomeKit alarm modes.
High-quality Components and Design: High-quality components and design are not only a subtle addition to any room interior but also make the M1S Gen 2 more reliable by achieving constant airflow through its large perforated base.
Configurable Ringtones: M1S Gen 2 now supports user-defined MP3 ringtones that can be uploaded for voice announcements and be used in automations. For example, the hub will say "Good night" when the corresponding scene is triggered.
*Up to 128 Aqara Zigbee child devices can be connected to the hub (repeater devices such as Smart Plug and Wall Switch (with Neutral) are required).

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